Like the best things in life, financial models also need support & maintenance. With a little care and maintenance our models mature, constantly improving with use. Many have become key to the success of the businesses they serve.

To help you in this regard, we always support our models by offering affordable ongoing support and  maintenance. We ensure that your financial models are working correctly, stay relevant and are updated as and when required.

Some of the key features:

  • Fixing any technical or usability problems faced while updating the Models
  • Answering queries related to the Model workings and outputs
  • Answering queries related to using the Models
  • Provision of support & assistance during the process of updating for actuals
  • Provision of support & assistance during the process of reforecasting
  • Amending the Models to include new reporting lines, calculations and minor functionality arising from updating and reforecasting processes
  • Adding or amending the Model’s output reports
  • Model maintenance and clean up i.e. removing external links, redundant code, Excel errors, etc.
  • Extending the Model timelines.