FAB Models – (Forecast Actual Budget)

FAB is an operational model in Excel meant for managing and reporting day to day business activities. It comes with an ability to record and amend actuals, produce driver based automated forecasts, combine and report them against budget in any desired format.

FAB acts as a mini ERP system that is highly flexible and cost effective. It can make your business reporting robust, efficient and hassle free.

Some of the key features:

  • Is built once for a Lifetime of use (you’ll only do this once)
  • Combine Forecasting, updating for Actuals and Budget preparation in one place (we call it FAB)
  • Can endlessly change and adapt with the company (hugely flexible)
  • Includes fully integrated P&Ls, Cash flows and Balance sheets
  • Can deal with multi-company and multi-level Consolidations
  • Is easily used and updated by the finance teams without the need to be an Excel “expert”
  • Stores hard copies of all budgets, reforecasts, reference outputs and scenarios (nothing gets lost)
  • Includes a unique universal reporting setup to compare and analyse both live and stored data, and recent changes, all laid out exactly the way you want it for review, board packs and reporting
  • Includes dynamic graphs for reporting and line by line sense checking
  • Is Less expensive, more flexible and user friendly than alternative software packages