Kick-off: To get the ball rolling, we will introduce you to our modelling team who will work directly with you, exchange information and reference material.

Build: Our team will start working based on the scope of work agreed. They will keep you posted on the progress, share WIP models, take your comments during the model construction and resolve your queries as the build progresses to ensure that you understand the model right from the beginning.

Live Run: Once the complete model is ready, we will help you update the model with real data, review and fix any bugs found during live runs.

Delivery: After successful completion of the live run, we will offer individual training to ensure the model is effectively used by your team.

Ongoing Support: We offer extended support for future under a separate support & maintenance agreement to ensure your investment goes on delivering for your company for many years to come. Our clients find this invaluable. Not only does it keep the model fit for purpose but it also provides continuity when key employees are promoted or leave.

We model for the long term and enjoy long term relationships with our valued clients.