FAB Analytics is a company dedicated to building and maintaining sustainable and robust financial models. We work principally in MS Excel to deliver the working spreadsheets required by Finance teams, Management and Stakeholders.

FAB Analytics have some extremely effective techniques to improve Excel based reporting.

  • Data management (safely flowing data throughout the model)
  • Import / Export routine (bring data from external sources into the model)
  • User workspace design (worksheet for user interface)
  • Data integration (combining actual and forecast and Management data)
  • Universal reporting (database for writing dynamic reports)
  • Techniques that make Excel models very transparent, efficient, error proof and user friendly.

Our team has been trained in the FAST modelling standard. We have a huge amount of experience in building FAST compliant models for customers around the globe. By combining FAST principles with our proven techniques, we build some of most used and transparent financial models in today’s commercial world.

FAST is the first financial modelling standard in the world accredited by Institute of Charted Accountants England & Wales.